Pastors & deacons

Mike Stewart


Mike was born and raised in central Mississippi. After graduating college in 1986, God changed his course of direction with a deep conviction of sin and desire to follow Christ. In 1998, he was ordained to the ministry by BelAir PB Church in BelAir, MD and ultimately moved to Huntsville to begin his first pastorate. In 2005, Heritage was formed and called him to be her founding pastor. Mike and his wife Peggy have seven children, Caleb, Tori, Elizabeth, Adrienne, Isaac, Benjamin and Phebe.

Titus Cannon


Titus has lived in 5 Southern states but has gladly called Alabama home since 2005. He and his wife Cammy have 10 children. Baptized at the young age of 8, he has long had a love for the Lord. After a debilitating injury in 2012 he learned to lean on God in many ways. Through this experience God called him to not just be a student of the Word but also a messenger of the Word. In 2021, he was ordained to the ministry. He is excited to serve God at Heritage. His favorite scripture to quote is Isaiah 26:3.

Jesse doyle


Jesse has been a business owner in Huntsville for over 30 years and a founding member of Heritage. He and his wife Jan spend much time serving in the kingdom of God with a heart for the elderly.

Joe delong


Joe was raised in southeast Florida and moved to Huntsville in 2007. He and his wife, Nicole, are raising their eight children to walk in truth.

kip jacobs


Kip served 30 years in the Air Force before retiring with Norma, his wife, and Dorothy, his mother-in-law, in Madison, Alabama. He’s overjoyed God through his marvelous grace joined him to the body of Christ. He looks forward with the Lord’s blessing to continue serving him and building loving/serving relationships with the people of Heritage, Huntsville local communities, and other parts of the world.

will eledui


Will served 23 years in the Army before retiring, with his wife and four children here in Huntsville. His desire is that Heritage becomes a place where the hearts and minds of young people are cultivated and shaped, desiring to know the Lord Jesus Christ and glorify Him in all they do.